Group Tours

Hahnemann Travel offer group tour with perfect planning.


Europe's most iconic cities reveal their world-changing histories, scenic sites and charming Mediterranean coastlines !!!

Africa - teeming with natural history, phenomenal wildlife and esoteric tribal culture.

Australia /NZ

Australia is a wild and beautiful place, a land whose colour palette of red outback sands and Technicolor reefs frames sophisticated cities and soulful Indigenous stories.
Get ready for mammoth national parks, dynamic Māori culture, and world-class surfing and skiing. New Zealand can be mellow or action-packed, but it's always epic.

Korea /Hongkong

Hong Kong - with its bustling and lively city; Famous singers and actors, Ocean Park & Disneyland Hong Kong!

South Korea - a dream destination with dazzling temples and beautiful mountains; and not forgetting Kpop!

Turkey / Dubai

An extraordinary and rewarding travel destination. Whether it is the mystery of the Great Pyramids, the magical Blue Mosque or the jaw-dropping city of Petra, these storied sands hold some of the most significant treasures on the planet.

Thailand / Vietnam

Known as 'The Golden Land' due to its rich and diverse culture and the warm welcome you get from the Thai people. Take a ride on Thailand's famous elephants, shop in floating markets, or go on adrenaline adventure with diving, rock-climbing, trekking and more!


Malaysia is the ultimate travel destination in Asia that will fulfill all your wildest, travel related, dreams! From fascinating history and culture, vibrant metropolis, delicious cuisine like Satay, Nasi lemak, Roti Canai, Beef Rendang, Laksa Penang and so much more!


A truly hidden gem in the Southeast Asia with their kindness, beauty and diversity of their country. Hang out on the popular Kuta beach in Bali, or the romantic pink beach the Komodo islands, you will constantly be mesmerized with 17,000 islands to choose from!


The Philippines is defined by its emerald rice fields, teeming megacities, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, smouldering volcanoes, bug-eyed tarsiers, fuzzy water buffalo and smiling, happy-go-lucky people.


Egypt welcomes you with its mighty Nile and magnificent monuments, the beguiling desert and lush delta, and with its long past and welcoming, story-loving people.


Its modern face is dazzling, but China is no one-trick pony. The world's oldest continuous civilisation isn't all smoked glass and brushed aluminium and while you won't be tripping over artefacts – three decades of round-the-clock development and rash town planning have taken their toll – rich seams of antiquity await.